Aydın province is located in Aegean Region in western Turkey. Set along the coast of Aegean Sea, Aydın is an important city and one of the major tourism hubs in Turkey with its towns of Didim and Kuşadası as well as Greater Menderes River. It is also well-developed city in terms of agriculture thanks to Büyük Menderes river and its plain. Its climate and geographic location provide proper conditions especially for flight training.

The city has hosted several civilisations by virtue of its geographical location and each civilisation has left its own traces in the region. In the leading towns of ancient age such as Afrodisias, Milet, Alinda, Didyma, Nysa, Priene, Magnesia, Aydın raised the nature philosophers Thales, Anaksimender and Anaksimenes; historian and geographer Hekatais; urban planner and architect Hippodamos and İsidoros. It is also one of the major touristic cities of Turkey with its seaside towns of Kuşadası and Didim. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of tourists visits Aydın, meet with traces of the past in ancient cities, and have the opportunity of enjoying the nature with its unique flora and fauna.